Accident Action Pack for Motorists First Aid Kit Pouches

For a number of years Process Improvements has worked closely with some of the leading first aid suppliers, in the design and fabrication of pouches for specific purposes. Using the required medical contents as a starting point we have developed kit pouches for environments and usages where required. These have included kits for motorists, in a number of different configurations, personal and family use, as well as for mines, bushfire brigades and other harsh environments where durability and reliability are essential. 

It is in circumstances such as these that our materials expertise and fabrication knowledge is at a premium. We bring best practice to the manufacture process to ensure our products meet the standard required throughout the lifetime of the product. Fastening, hinging and support mechanisms are carefully considered in the context of the items use as is the materials that will be used both externally and internally to ensure most common problems are eliminated or limited. Personal Car Kit designed for the glovebox
Field Kit box Rigid boxes are manufactured to high degree of durability ensuring that corner welds are avoided to minimize splitting and subsequent deterioration of the box. The corners are rounded to avoid minor injuries when handling the box by eliminating edge welds wherever possible, particularly on the lid. High quality zippers are used throughout our product range.
Some of our rigid boxes are made collapsible ensuring greater storage efficiency before the boxes are filled with the intended contents. This design also ensures very rigid sides making the box, when folded together, extremely rigid and very durable. Corner welds are once again avoided making the box less prone to "tear" deterioration. Small Foldable box for personal kits
Ziplock pouch designed for small kits Our "ziplock" range are built to be small light and flexible in the uses to which they can be put and the materials that can be used. PVC or Nylon are recommended dependent on expected usage. Once again we use a high quality imported PVC press fasteners which are dustproof and interlock tightly eliminating spillage of the contents through inadvertent opening of the pouch.

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