Metal Ring Pull Mechanisms
College Range: This Group encompasses all the blade-type pull-open style mechanisms. The code prefixes in this range are CR & ER denoting round rings, CQ & EQ which are "arch type" or square rings, and CD & ED which are mechanisms with "D" shaped rings. Mechanisms with the same ring capacity but with different base widths have different code prefixes. The larger width mechanisms have a "C" prefix (CR,CD) whilst the smaller base width mechanisms have an "E" prefix (ER, EQ ED). Also included in this range SR (round rings with Swedish spacing) Data R (DR) and Data Q (DQ) with special thin rings for computer stationary. College Range
Price Book Range: These are trigger operated mechanisms falling into two groups, the EP/PMS types which have upright triggers by which the mechanisms can be opened and closed, and PM types which have low triggers by which the mechanisms can be opened, the closing is actioned by applying pressure to the outside of the rings. Price Book Range Upright Trigger
Price Book Range Low Trigger
Other ranges such as Euro (wire -type mechanisms), Memo and Post Lock mechanisms are available on application.
Mechanism Reference Code
The four part product  code (above) contains a complete reference of the mechanisms;
  1. The first part of the code contains two or more alpha characters the denote the type of mechanism (see above).
  2. The second part of the reference consists of three numeric characters which indicate the page or sheet size in millimeters normally used with the mechanisms. e.g. 297 denotes A4 (210 x 297), 280 denotes 280 mm or 11inches.
  3. The third reference is a numeric character (or characters) denoting the number of rings.
  4. The last part of the reference are numeric characters denoting the ring size in millimeters. With round rings the number denotes the internal diameter (I.D.) however with "D" rings the number denotes the paper holding capacity.

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